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  Mass Infotech Pvt. ITI


Launch Batch-Retail
Retail Batch Start on 16th Jan, at Ranchi Center
Launch Batch- Accounting
Ranchi Center under DDU-GKY Roshni Project (MoRD)
Empanelled and Sign MoU
As STP in EST&P Component of NULM in State of Bihar.
Start Ranchi Center as Model Center in Jharkhand
Under DDU-GKY Roshni Project
Start OJT and Placement drive
Retail and Accounting Batch from Chatra Center
Start Training Center- Chatra, Jharkhand
Under DDU-GKY Roshni Project
Sign MoU with State of Jharkhand.
Under EST&P Component of NULM
Sign MoU with RSLDC- ELSTP
Employment Linked Skill Training Program- Rajasthan.
Sign MoU with RSLDC- Rajasthan
Project of Livelihoods Enhancement (Wage & Self employment) of Women through Skill Programme.
Mass Infotech Society

Become a partner

Download and fill mass infotech Center Support Application form……………………….. Download this Application Form and fill in all the details. After completion, send the form to Mass Infotech Head Office or email the same to support@massinfotech.in

Telephonic Conversation

Post receipt, the form will be reviewed by the center Support department followed by a telephonic conversation between a Mass Infotech representative and you preferably within 48 Hours. This will help us understand your suitability as a Mass Infotech Business Partner.

First Meeting

A face-to-face meeting shall take place between you and a Mass Infotech representative. This is the most important part of this process. Before your selection in this meeting some of important issues like terms & conditions project requirements, investment recourses and clarifications of equerries will be discuss.

Contact Existing Partners :-before joining us, we will advice you to contact our old and existing partner since it will help you a lot to know our organization’s good will and reputation, style of our working which will induce in you a confidence & trust to move a ahead.

Screening for final selection

  • When you feel 100% determine to join us, you will act as under:
  • Signing of letter of indent (LOI)
  • Deposited of Refundable Screening fee
  • Attending of Screening test as per Schedule fix by us.
  • In case of your selection, MOU to be sign along.
  • Submission of Propose center location as per criteria given by us
  • Our final approval of the proposed center location
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